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OYO cooperation with Meituan first launched 8000 hotels

Date: 2019-07-02

OYO hotel today formally announced with Meituan one-year strategic cooperative partnership.In the first stage of the cooperation, OYO hotel will be Meituan platform on-line 8000 standard hotel.

This partnership will OYO hotel in innovation, business development, management, and operation ability and Meituan in platform, open ecological system, the user base, traffic and additional advantages on technology innovation.This will help OYO easier to its hotel offers Meituan users.

OYO hotel partner and COO ShiZhenKang said of the partnership to: "OYO through transforming hotel features to ensure high quality accommodation is not exclusive, rich experience is, of all people to meet the aspirations of millions of travelers.We will proactively in the reform of China's emphasis on supply side, at the same time also has been to help in the travel and hotel industry development, has a similar concept, customer-focused partner with open arms.Our cooperation with Meituan on the interpretation of our philosophy - provide consumers with high quality living space, to create more value for China's small and medium-sized monomer hotel owners."

Meituan vice President, Meituan hotel general manager, Meituan vacation in general manager guo qing said: "we adhere to the principle of open and achieve win-win.We hope that the cooperation with various partners, the use of technology innovation, to provide all-round services to meet customer demand, to create a better life experience for consumers, create more value, to create better returns for hotel partners."

Data show that OYO hotel has entered the 337 Chinese cities, including hangzhou, xi 'an, nanjing, guangzhou, chengdu, shenzhen, xiamen and kunming, etc., have 500000 guest room.